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Vue.js plugin for Cordova. This object provides API for the following events and will hold the Cordova plugins API objects you might be using.. Demo. A repository with a full working demo is available to help you bootstrap a new project or cherry-pick working code.. Setup Cordova. Make sure you have properly configured Cordova Now you have to create a new Cordova application and a Vue.js project based on the Webpack template so just run the following commands: cordova create project-name. vue init webpack project-name.

This post is more than 2 years old. Normally when building Cordova apps, I either use no JavaScript framework at all, or I use Angular with Ionic. But as you can tell by my recent posts, I've become infactuated with Vue.js lately. While the Ionic folks are working on making it easy to use Vue instead of Angular, I thought I'd demonstrate a quick example of how simple it is to use Vue with Cordova vue init OnsenUI/vue-cordova-webpack [project-name] 위 명령어를 실행 해 준 후, cd [project-name] npm install. 이렇게 까지만 하면, 대부분의 세팅이 끝난다. npm run dev. 위 명령어를 치게 되면, 웹 브라우저에서 현재 개발중인 모습을 직접 확인 할 수 있다. 이제, 모바일에. Trying moving your cordova initialization code around, and IDK if you know this but your cordova initialization code is only printing to console right now (not initializing Vue). Also, in general it is a bad idea to name everything app/index/main

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Adding cordova to an existing vue app. It turns out that adding cordova to an existing vue app is pretty easy. If only I'd known this before trying at least 10 different ways: First, make sure your environment is setup. npm install -g cordova. npm install -g @vue/cli. Clone your existing repo and cd to its folder. git clone my-cool-app Vue.js + Cordova + OnsenUI 로 하이브리드 어플리 케이션 개발하기. 2020. 9. 25. 18:40. 회사 내부적으로 Vue + Cordova + OnsenUI 를 이용하여 개발하기로 하였다. 실질적인 개발은 무리없이 진행되고 있었는데 Cordova Plugin 을 연동하는 부분에서 꽤나 애먹었다. (핸드폰에 저장되어.

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  1. cordova + Vue 开发 APP 上手指南 什么是 cordova. cordova 是由 Apache 基金会支持的,使用 HTML5 + CSS3 + JS 来构建多平台 APP 程序的开发框架。其支持调用手机系统(Android、IOS、Windows phone)原生 API,它可以将你写的 Web 程序包裹进原生的 APP 壳中,也就是我们常说的 Hybrid APP (混合应用)
  2. 참고: 프로그래밍 Vue 프로그래밍 Ionic in Angular ionic은 cordova 위에서 돌아가는 프레임워크중 하나이다. 하이브리드를 쓴다면 꽤 괜찮은 프레임워크라고 생각이 든다. 문제는 ionic이 angular베이스라는.
  3. vue-cli 3.x plugin for Apache Cordova. IMPORTANT. Path rewriting etc does not work under Cordova, that's why it's important to use router 'hash' mode, if you run or build for Cordova
  4. cordova-plugin-camera cordova-plugin-device cordova-plugin-geolocation cordova-plugin-contacts cordova-plugin-chrome-apps-sockets-tcp cordova-plugin-sms If you are using a different Cordova plugin you can access it directly from a Vue component from the window.cordova object & you can avoid this library entirely
  5. 安装 cordova 新建项目 运行项目 编译项目 修改编译输出 打开vue项目目录下面的index.html,添加 打开/config/index.js 编译打包 先删除 cordova项目下的ww vue+cordova构建跨平台应用集成并使用Cordova plugin - huangenai - 博客
  6. 一、安装cordova框架生成APP. 1.用npm安装cordova. npm install -g cordova. 2.创建cordova项目. cordova create cordova-vue. 自此,cordova项目的基本骨架完成了,下面的所有操作都需要在cordova-vue目录下进行。. 3.添加android平台. cd cordova-vue. cordova platform add android --save

Installing Cordova. Cordova command-line runs on Node.js and is available on NPM . Follow platform specific guides to install additional platform dependencies. Open a command prompt or Terminal, and type npm install -g cordova. $ npm install -g cordova. npm install -g cordova. 2 vue+cordova移动端Android开发环境配置配置Vue开发环境安装Cordova配置Android开发环境安装jdk配置Android SDKa. 下载并安装Android Studiob. 下载并配置SDKcordova+vue生成Android APKa. 安装使用WebStormb. cordova项目中创建vue项目c. cordova+vue配置并打包测试APK配置Vue开发环境这里不做叙述,可查看我的文章:初学者如何配置vue.

Note that cordova plugins are added from the src-cordova folder. We're also adding axios, which is the current recommended way of performing HTTP requests in Vue. Loading static CSV resource. First let's get some mock data csv from mockaroo The default data structure is: id,firstname,lastname,email,gender,ip_address. We'll add to that an avatar img field from dummyimage.com, and generate. cordova create cordovaDemo cd cordova vue init webpack vueDemo 复制代码. Cordova添加可运行的环境. cordova platform add browser //添加浏览器支持 cordova platform add android //添加安卓设备支持 cordova platform add ios //添加ios设备支持 复制代码. Cordova添加通讯录插件,可以调用通讯录ap Merge The Cordova + Vue-WebPack Build Processes. Your Cordova ./www directory should now look like this: www ├── css │ └── index.css ├── img │ └── logo.png ├── index.html └── js └── index.js. Remove the contents of the Cordova ./www directory, as we will be building this content with WebPack instead

Vue.cordova.on('deviceready', => { // here check for your variable }) However it is most likely that you didn't follow the contribution guide to support this plugin as stated by Gandhi over there. You should not edit webpack generated files but rather generate your own : clone the vue-cordova repo cordova create todo-mobile-app-cordova-vue Next, cd into the project directory, add a platform, for which you need to create an app. Cordova currently supports the following platforms: 1. Android 2. IOS 3. Blackberry 4. OSX 5. WebOS 6. Windows 7. Browser. We are making an Android app, hence, we will add the android platform Menu Building a mobile app with VueJS, Cordova, Webpack and Framework 7 13 January 2017 on vuejs, webpack, mobile, framework7, cordova, hybrid apps Choosing a framework. The Vue component eco-system is evolving at an incredible rate. As such, it's hard to pick a favorite when evaluating the right component library for your project

@ionic/vue combines the core Ionic Framework experience with the tooling and APIs that are tailored to Vue Developers.. Vue Version Support. Ionic Vue is built on top of Vue 3.0.0. If you've built an app with early versions of Ionic Vue, you'll want to upgrade to the latest release and upgrade your Vue dependencies. Vue Tooling. Ionic Vue projects ship with the same tooling as regular Vue CLI. Cordova 能够将你的 HTML/JS 代码打包在一个原生的容器中运行,并且可以调用系统的各类软硬件接口(JavaScript API)。我们将这种架构称之为 hybrid app , 得益于这种架构,我们能将前端代码跨平台运行,并且得到接近原生应用的系统特性。最终发布到 vue-cordova-webpack. A full-featured Webpack setup with hot-reload, lint-on-save, unit testing & css extraction. Documentation. For this template: common questions specific to this template are answered and each part is described in greater detail; For Vue 2.0: general information about how to work with Vue, not specific to this templat

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Vue can't listen to Cordova events. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 8 months ago. Active 10 months ago. Viewed 4k times 4 1. I am trying to build a hybrid-app with Cordova. I am using VueJS for routing and AJAX requests. Unfortunately I am not able to catch some of the Cordova events. Not even the. 现在使用vue开发的项目越来越多,使用vue开发的移动端打包就成了最大的问题。现在前端打包方案有好多种,但是综合来说,我比较喜欢用cordova来进行Android和ios的打包,配置完成之后,每次只需要一条命令就可以完成打包 前回の記事Vue.jsで画像を一覧表示する(vue入門)でVueについて記載したが、ここではVueとCordovaを使ったAndroidアプリ開発について記す。 Cordovaプロジェクト作成. 以下のようなコマンドでプロジェクト(ここでは前回と同じmy-project)を作成する。 事前にAndroid Studioをインストールして、デバッグ.

Cordova - 기본 프로그램 설치 확인. Cordova 개발 환경 설정을 위해서는 아래 프로그램이 필요하다. - jdk(sdk) - npm(N ode.js) - cordova - git (cordova Plug-in 설치) - 안드로이드 스튜디오 - 안드로이드 개발 시 - X code - iOS 개발 시 - 단말기 (안드로이드폰, 아이폰 등) (1). 개발환경에 맞는 Mac 또는 윈도우 환경에서. Vue is extremely fast and lightweight framework. but it still provides all necessary functionality for creating big applications. Our testing of modern UI frameworks of components (for Material Design) showed that they are great for desktop apps, but too heavy when we use them in Webview of Cordova/Phonegap project Cordova或是PhoneGap可以用HTML5來開發手機APP 當然現在也可以用ReactNative來開發。但說起來還是得再額外學習新的語言 對於已經是Web開發者想直接寫手機APP其實可以採用Cordova + Vue.js + OnsenUI 這樣的組合來做,其實做出來還是有80%像原生APP的。 今天介紹一下怎麼弄好環境,首先先用以下指令把 Cordova 與.

Getting started with Cordova and Vue.js on Windows. To get started making multiplatform apps with Cordova and Vue.js we need to install node.js. After that we install Cordova, Vue.js and the vue-cli: npm install vue npm install -g vue-cli npm install -g cordova. After this we create a map where we will build our project cordova 是hybrid开发app的一个框架,通过js桥接原生api实现了js调用原生的一些功能;本打算学习下阿里的weex;可是一直打包不了,加上之前也用过cordova,打算使用cordova尝试一下;整合上vue这种开发界面的利器是不是更加爽呢 Use with Vue CLI & hot reload, debugger, native plugins - all covered. You can get started with Onsen UI by using our templates within the Vue CLI. Pick the PWA or Cordova template and you're ready to go! Beyond that, we've got full-stack tools to streamline your app development with zero-time setup using Monaca.It is developed by the same team as Onsen UI, and helps to simplify complicated. Vue Mobile - is the only Vue Cordova app in Envato market. It will work great on iOS, Android and on your website. Quality of code. In archive we provide all sources. They complies with official Vue guidelines and give you an idea of good way to organize application. Application depends only on moment.js and Vue libraries. Feature

C cordova_vue Project information Project information Activity Labels Members Repository Repository Files Commits Branches Tags Contributors Graph Compare Locked Files Issues 0 Issues 0 List Boards Service Desk Milestones Iterations Merge requests 0 Merge requests 0 Requirements Requirements CI/CD CI/CD Pipelines Jobs Schedules Test Case vue项目创建. 1、vue环境和webpack安装这边就不详述了,网上很多 2、安装好vue后进入到cordova项目里面. vue init webpack vue. 最后的'vue'为项目的名字 3、 4、根据图上面提示的cd 指向vue项目后 npm run dev用开发模式跑起来项

Access Cordova plugins inside Vue returns undefined. Asked 2019-08-12 07:29:26. Viewed 20 times. cordova vue.js cordova-plugins vue-component cordova-3 I'm trying to use Cordova app version and Cordova sqlite 2 plugin. export default{ data(){ return { plugin : 0 } }, methods. vue-cordova - Vue.js plugin for Cordova #opensource. We have collection of more than 1 Million open source products ranging from Enterprise product to small libraries in all platforms Vue Cordova Hybrid App Starter Kit. Cordova Plugins. Add necessary Cordova/PhoneGap plugins to IOS and Android using command line (e.g. Barcode Scanner) 15 Best Vue Mobile Ui Frameworks For Developing Apps Super Dev Resources. Cordova Framework7 Hybrid App Development Programmer Sought. Cordova template framework7 vue webpack readme md at master caiobiodere github github daniegarcia254 framework7 vue webpack cordova framework7 vue webpack cordova sqlite3 questions forum images not loading in.

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vue add cordova. 最初のsrc-cordovaは何も入力せずにEnter その後はアプリIDとか入力する. src-cordovaフォルダが作成される. 最初はアクセス権エラーになったけど chmod 777 -R hoge すれば治った. ビルド先のフォルダをcordovaフォルダに変更す 筆者先前有協助團隊使用 Vue 及 Cordova 完成一個 web 大小網銀及 ios / android app 的經驗,當時筆者手持 iPhone 但用著 windows 的筆電,實在尷尬地不知道該從哪個 platform 著手原生功能的開發測試,所以 app 原生功能開發是交給強者同事處理 ;而最近年末剛好有些時間,筆者開始嘗試著將家中 MacBook 娛樂機. vue 和 cordova 一起用缺点就是调用cordova插件的时候不是实时的,mounted或者created里面写插件代码。. 然后npm run build 之后将打包好的文件放到cordova里面 然后额外引入cordova.js这个主要是sdk调用插件的。. mayeyun January 15, 2019, 6:29am #8. 你们都是弟弟make more time! We are excited to announce Dan Purcell will be on our show on Sep 8, 23:00-24:00 (UTC). Dan is an experienced App developer. He will share with us about Cord.. Need information about vue-cli-plugin-cordova-simple? Check download stats, version history, popularity, recent code changes and more

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  1. vue-cli-plugin-cordova v2.4.1. vue-cli 3.x plugin for Apache Cordova
  2. If you are looking forward to building mobile apps with Vue.js, then you have many available UI frameworks to choose from.In this article, we will go through some of these Vue mobile UI frameworks which can be used in building multi device hybrid (Cordova or Capacitor) apps as well as Native mobile apps
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Integrating Vue with Cordova. First let's start by installing Cordova globally if you don't already have it installed. Open your terminal and run the following command. npm install -g cordova. Next you need to create a Cordova project by running the following command: cordova create ionic-vue-cordova 安装//安装 vue-cilnpm install --global vue-cli//安装cordova npm i& 这是一个移动端混合开发框架:corber + cordova + vue + vantUI #需要的环境 以下安装后都配置好系统环境变量 android sdk Manager : Tool所有 各版本的SDK platform都装上 gradle : v.4以上 jdk : 1.8 maven : v.3以上 1. 全局安装corber npm install corber -g or yarn add corber global 2. 安装项

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  1. cordova打包vue项目的问题. 这里不再对cordova如何打包vue项目,以及cordova的使用做过多讲解, ; cordova的使用在网上可以找到很多教程 ; 博主只在这里讲解博主打包vue cli3项目遇到的一些问题 . cordova打包vue项目真机白屏问题. 这应该是最容易遇到的问题 ; 网上也很多这样的问题,但是答案都不太正确.
  2. By t1tan1um This is a basic straight forward walk through regarding how to implement push notification in Android as well as iOS using the cordova plugin for fcm and Google Firebase FCM from scratch. I will be using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for this, but OS used for development shoul
  3. The specific use case here is to successfully use cordova barcode scanner with Framework7 + Vue. It could certainly be an issue with this starter template, but as of now haven't found any Framework7 starters that work with Cordova plugins like barcode scanner. Ok, checked, the issue is in your template you are using
  4. Cordova是使用HTML,CSS,JavaScript构建的混合移动应用程序的平台。此篇教程的目的是将Vue项目融合到Cordova,正文开始。 操作系统:Windows 10 Pro,1709 node.js:v8.11.2 ( Java环境: 1.下载安装J

D:\cordova-vue\platforms\android\app\build\outputs\apk\debug\app-debug.apk. 如果你以上步骤都完成了,恭喜你已经成功了80%,接下来的步骤就是将vue项目整合到Cordova项目里面。 二、vue项目整合到Cordova项目里面. 1.构建vue项目 在cordova-vue目录下安装vue项目 安装脚手架(3.0.0):npm. Cordova Vue v1. App Framework. by Dennis Scheffel. Source Preview. App Framework combines great pieces of open source code to support your whole workflow with useful scripts and your app with powerful plugins. F7 Vue Webpack Cordova. Cordova Vue v3. F7 - Vue - Webpack - Cordova. by Caio Biodere. Source First step is to read the documentation of the Cordova plugin that we want to use. We look at Cordova Plugins list and click on Battery Status doc page. We see instructions on how to install this plugin. It's always a Cordova command. So we cd into /src-cordova (which is a Cordova generated folder) and issue the install command form there

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  1. Cordova 是用于使用HTML,CSS和JS构建移动应用的平台。我们可以认为Cordova是一个容器,用于将我们的网络应用程序与本机移动功能连接。_来自Cordova 教程,w3cschool编程狮
  2. Cordova相关连接: Cordova+Vue实现Android APP开发. Vue 2.0 + cordova 构建Android应用(一) 通过cordova将vue项目打包成app. cordova插件总结-跨平台开发的好助手! cordova插件汇总大全. Vue相关连接: vux官网. vuex官方文档. Vuex一篇文章总结. Vue.js——vue-router 60分钟快速入门. vue.
  3. How to set up a Vue and Cordova project. Our developers often solve coding problems, then share the solutions with the rest of the team. That got us thinking: if we've come across this problem, there are probably a bunch of other developers out there who've had the same issue
  4. Building the mobile app of a Vue JS SPA with Cordova . This can be achieved using the vue-cli-plugin-cordova plugin. Firstly, we will have to install cordova and then add the platforms we will like to build for. If Cordova is installed, we can confirm. cordova --version. Then, we can install the plugin. npm i vue-cli-plugin-cordova
  5. 三、打包 Vue 项目. (1)首先在 Vue 项目文件夹下运行如下命令进行编译:. 1. npm run build. (2)执行完成后会生成一个 dist 文件夹,我们将该文件夹里的所有文件复制到 cordova 项目的 www 文件夹下替换掉原有的文件。. (3)进入 Cordova 项目文件夹,执行如下命令就.
  6. 2、把vue项目用cordova打包成app:. 1. 在vue项目中运行 npm run build (注意:图片 目录的路径 继续往下看). 2、把vue打包后的静态资源复制到cordova项目的www目录里面. 3、运行 cordova prepare. 4、执行打包操作. 按照正常情况上面的vue用cordova打包后是可以运行的,但是.
  7. Vue.js UI framework 비교 (0) 2020.10.12: Cordova(코르도바 앱 개발) - (2).실행 - 안드로이드 스튜디오 (0) 2020.09.27: Cordova(코르도바 앱 개발) - (1).기초강의 - 개발 환경 설정 (0) 2020.09.27: GraphQL 개념잡기 (0) 2020.09.25: Vue.js + Cordova + OnsenUI 로 하이브리드 어플리 케이션 개발하기 (0.

cordova - VUE V2, VUE- 라우터 및 코르도바 javascript - Vue 구성 요소 파일의 스타일을 지정하기위한 Vue CLI 소스 맵 vue.js - 필터 입력 텍스트는 숫자와 점 vue.js 만 허용합니다 weex、cordova、flutter、react-native、uniapp 哪个框架有必要学习? 前端开发也有4年了,前两年用jquery,后两年用vue,期间也自学过reactjs,angularjs。 以前的工作还是vue或者jq的网页套个rn

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Vue-Cordova가 지원되지 않는 경우이 링크 를 따라 가야 Vue-Cordova가 지원됩니다. 단계별 절차는 링크에 정의되어 있습니다. 또한 질문은 저자 자신이 대답 합니다.희망이 도움이됩니다. 건 Framework7 Vue. Bring components-syntax, structured data and data bindings to Framework7 with power and simplicity of Vue.js < f7-app > < f7-panel left cover theme-dark > < f7-navbar title = Left Panel /> < f7-block > Left panel content </ f7-block > </ f7-panel > < f7-panel right reveal > < f7-navbar title = Right Panel /> < f7-block > Right panel content </ f7-block > </ f7-panel. CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS keeps you safe at work and at home with personal protective equipment (PPE) you can trust laravel 를 백엔드로 사용하고 vue 를 프론트로 사용하여 개발하던 도중 v-app-bar를 써야되는데 계속 찾을 수없다는 오류가 떠서 이것저것 찾아보면서 시간낭비를 하다가 드디어 추가하는 방법을 알았다ㅠㅠㅠ. 1. Npm install vuetify. 2. vuetify.js 만들기. app.js가 있는. 使用HTML, CSS & JS进行移动App开发. 多平台共用一套代码. 免费开源. Cordova中文网QQ交流群:34303435

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Cordova is a fast-growing township of Memphis, TN known for its thriving retailers, amazing restaurant scene, and unique Southern charm. Choosing The View at Shelby Farms means you will have immediate access to Shelby Farms Park, an exciting outdoor destination with numerous hiking trails, bike paths, sunny green spaces, and beautiful forestry vue calendar - GitHub Page Vue CLIを使ってOnsen UIの開発をはじめましょう。PWAやCordova対応のテンプレートを提供しています。 さらに、すばやく開発環境を整えるためのツールが揃っています。Onsen UIファミリーであるMonaca CLIを使うと、複雑な作業もシンプルに How to create a Vue.js app using a single codebase & deploy it to web, mobile app & desktop app using Quasar Framework. FULL COURSE: https://dannys.link/quas..

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What is Cordova. Apache Cordova is a mobile application development framework originally created by Nitobi. Adobe Systems purchased Nitobi in 2011, rebranded it as PhoneGap, and later released an open source version of the software called Apache Cordova. Apache Cordova enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using. Cross-platform apps. Powered by the Web. Free and open source, Ionic offers a library of mobile-optimized UI components, gestures, and tools for building fast, highly interactive apps. Pre-designed UI components. Ionic's UI components look great on all mobile devices and platforms. Start with pre-made components, typography, and a base theme that adapts to each platform

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(macOS) Go-Vue.js 2-Quasar 개발 셋팅 Setting 1. golang 최신 버전 설치 golang.org 2. mariaDB 설치 $ brew install mariadb 3. node.js/npm 최신 버전 설치 nodejs.org 설치 확인 $ npm -v 6.4.1 $ node -v v1. 事件监听器被添加在onDeviceReady函数中,以确保在开始使用Cordova之前加载了Cordova。 document. getElementById (cameraTakePicture). addEventListener (click, cameraTakePicture); 步骤4 - 添加功能(拍照) 我们正在创建作为回调传递给我们的事件侦听器的cameraTakePicture函数 我们可以使用可用于存储客户端应用程序数据的存储API。这将有助于在用户离线时使用该应用程序,并且还可以提高性能。由于这是初学者的教程,我们将向您展示如何使用本地存储。在我们之后的教程中,我们将向您展示可以使用的其他插件。 步骤1 - 添加按钮 我们将在index.html文件中创建四个按钮 在我们开始使用Cordova设置之前,我们需要安装一些组件。序号软件和描述1 NodeJS和NPM NodeJS是Cordova开发所需的平台。请查看我们的 NodeJS环境设置。2 Android SDK 对于Android平台,您需要在您的机器上安装Android SDK。 以下是 Androi_来自Cordova 教程,w3cschool编程狮

Try it in your device: Onsen UI for Vue Kitchensink. Show Source Code. Open in Full Vie Quick summary ↬ In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use Capacitor and cutting-edge web technologies such as Vue.js and Ionic 4 web components to build cross-platform mobile applications for Android and iOS. You can also take advantage of Capacitor to target other platforms such as desktop and the web using the same code base hello. I tried exiting app on my android app. but, it's not working. I am using quasarframework, vue2 and javascript. 'yes' touch is not working. help me. thank you. this is my code. methods: { onDeviceReady () { document.addEventListener(backbutton,.. vue+Framework7+cordova app打包成apk發布到服務器進行內測下載 2021-08-22 07:52:43 移動端開發 1 打包成apk:npm run build-dev-cordova-androi

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in my website i cached pages and content like video and images in cache api using service worker, and when user visit page then page is cached from network to browser and when next visit page is show from cache. no need to network request. when i create a app using cordova and show my website usin Busca trabajos relacionados con Cordova vue webpack o contrata en el mercado de freelancing más grande del mundo con más de 20m de trabajos. Es gratis registrarse y presentar tus propuestas laborales